Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Go Ahead Make My Day"

So a few hours before my 19th birthday, I was given the opportunity to watch a Clint Eastwood movie, Sudden Impact. My gramps and I picked it up at walmart the other day for 5 bucks, and for that price it was worth it.

The music was cheesy and at sometimes even funny, but what do you expect from an early 80's movie? The action was cool, and had a few twists in it. The best element of the movie however was possibly the plot. At first the movie had very little of it, but as "Dirty Harry" went on with his brutal rampage through Cali, the plot built up and things came together.. quite violently. The worst element of the movie was the dialog. At times it left you confused, and kinda clouded the situation. For example, during a hostage situation Harry told the criminal "Make my day". What exactly does this mean? Did he want him to cap the hostage so Harry would have one more dose of violence? We may never know...*spooky sounds*
The most awkward part of the movie was the unnatural level of violence towards women. Now let me make something clear. Woman are property, and what their male masters do to them should be kept in private, not on the silver screen!! (JUST KIDDING) But women were getting decked, kicked, tripped, and shot throughout. Even Eastwood got in on the action.

So over all it was a good movie, it's what you would expect from a Clint Eastwood movie from the early 80s. Violence, Bad guys getting shot, Fist fights, and revenge. So it was worth the $5:00

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